Blog Design & Setup

Blog Design

We can design and create a blog for you or as a part of your website.

Many of our client websites have a blog or even a set of blogs integrated into their website.

There are many reasons to have a blog on your website - some of them are:

Blogging keeps your website fresh and current

Posting to a blog just once a month is only 12 times per year but it keeps your site alive and relevant. The latest blog posts are shown on the homepage of your website so they keep it fresh and updated which is great for users and also for SEO.

Blogging helps you target SEO keywords

A blog post is a great way of targeting specific keywords within your website or key audiences that you are trying to market to or grab the attention of with SEO.

Gives a human aspect to your business and brand

Writing blog posts allows you to get personal and up-front in ways that other parts of your website often can't. This gives your readers and those interacting with your website a sense of personality to your website, your business and your brand which helps in a large way to engage users.

Supports your social media initiatives

Blogging is a great way to support your other social media projects - enhancing your Facebook and Instagram feeds and drawing in users from different channels.